The Shore

January 5, 2013

At first glance I am taken to a rocky, pebbly seashore, not at all unlike the one that Mummy spent time at in her mind during her last few days on Earth.  For this where I’ve seen them before.  Tiny crabs scouring the pebbles for morsels of food, but I know this cannot be true for I am not at the seashore, but rather the lakeshore.  It is then that I realise that these are not crabs at all, they are in fact tiny brown fluffy birds.  Their task is the same though, food is their goal.

As I stand as still as is possible they send out a single bird on a reconnaissance mission.  His job? To check me out, determine whether I am friend or foe.  Once he determines that I am no threat, he returns  to the group.  Yet they are ever vigilant and rise up in a group to form a single wall against an adolescent bald eagle who quickly realises that these birds are too small even for a snack.

As the eagle wings away, the birds land again and seem somehow proud for having warded it off.


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