Vernazza, you are the Gem of the Cinque Terre….Still in My Heart

Vernazza, Italy

When we first met Vernazza several years ago, she struck us with such beauty that it left a mark that remains to this day.   She’ll be sure to do the same to you when you visit.  She was a vision from the tower with a storm pounding on her back door and the sun kissing her face.

What makes Vernazza special though are her people. They are strong, resilient, kind and hospitable.   Whether it be the Callo family who take your laundry from your room to hang out on their clothesline because they know it won’t dry in your room, or Mrs. Leonardini who meets you off the train bringing you back to a traditional lunch of pasta with homemade pesto and deep fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with cheese & acciughe you will leave with memories of some very special people.

Vernazza and her people have been through a horrific experience that began last October when mudslides threatened to swallow the village whole, burying it in 13 feet of mud, and taking the lives of 3 residents.   Visit for more information on what businesses are open and how you can help.

Go to Vernazza, visit her family, they need us now.  Their wounds are healing slowly.  Find the beauty in these people whose spirit and character has been strengthened by past experiences and survival.


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