Early Morning Bar Hopping Italian Style

All over Italy (but in this case Milano)

Most days throughout Italy bars open early and are bustling hives of activity.  Going to a bar in the morning is a “must do” for any Italian traveler.  You may be thinking “I am on holiday, but going to a bar in the morning?”  That was my reaction when my cousin announced such an outing our first morning in Italy.

Don’t be frightened, a bar is where you go to get your morning cappuccino (and a pastry, but we’ll save that for another note).

You may think that you are quite savvy with today’s café culture, but don’t go trying to order a “grande”, “non-fat”,  or any such thing.  Cappuccino only comes in one perfectly proportioned size.  Your senses will be awakened by the divine flavour that comes from the mingling of espresso and steamed milk capped in a hood of micro-foam.  You’ll be mesmerised by the show as you pour sugar on top and it sits for a moment before melting and being swallowed by delicate bubbles so small that you can barely see them.

Try it and you may be as happy as this guy.

P.S. No cappuccino after 11 a.m. unless you want everyone to know you’re a tourist.


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